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May 11, 2011
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Rico Reference by JonnyAMax Rico Reference by JonnyAMax
Here's a fella everyone should recognize! Rico the Fenne Fox!

Rico is a delightful little fox approximately 10 years of age. His pesonality is fairly up-beat and positive, playful and helpful. Rico is pretty open in terms of friendliness and has nay a scratch of shyness in him. His only flaw is that he can be a bit of a show-off as well as an attention hog at times. Rico looooves to get attention, he won't throw a fit to get it but he may try and act extra cute so you'd notice him more. XD

Rico himself is mexican by birth and blood but he migrated north to the US where he met his most dearest closest companion, Rosa Squirrel. Rico's accent is moderately thick but he speaks very good english as well as spanish. When Rico and Rosa are chatting together they tend to mix between english and spanish (taken after my RL grandparents as a kid XD ).

Rico is a junior pro-surfer for a small leauge on the west coast of the US, he's pretty competitive by nature and on the waves is where he likes to show off the most. It usually causes him to wipe out though when he gets overly cocky XD.

Anyways... that's Rico! :)


Rico Fennec (c) J.S.D.
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Tylerthefox Jan 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
daw why do you have to be so cute Rico?
Cocky as he tries to surf with his tail
I have always really love rico and I always love his very very very hot feeling bare feet! :love: It is a very great job! =D
Well thank you very very very much ;)
BluebottleFlyer May 13, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
With a face like that and those bright colours, it'd be strange if he wasn't such an upbeat soul. :nod: Great job on this fella, cool and charming as always. :thumbsup:
10 year old with an ear piercing!? :0
:D haha I dont think I knew they were mexican. ^^; NEAT!
My 1 year old niece has an earring already, how the times are a-changin =p
Yes but she is a girl. Sometimes girls get their ears pierced at birth. It happens a lot I guess. Or on their 1st birthdays. You rarely see any boys with pierced ears (around where I live anyway) under the age of 15.
Couldn't come at a better time, as I still need to finish up that photo =D! Awesome work here ;).
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